Quality control

Quality controlApart from production facilities ICL-IP Terneuzen BV also has a laboratory for quality control of our end-products and follow-up of the different processes. There is always somebody on duty in the lab. Various state-of-the-art analytical techniques are applied, such as:

  • GC (gas chromatography)
  • HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography)
  • Ion chromatography
  • Particle size measurement by means of laser diffraction
  • Automatic specific gravity measurement
  • TOC

But also simple titration techniques, colour and thermic stability measurements are carried out.

Research laboratory

Besides the quality control laboratory we also have a research lab. Here we research and develop process improvements. Also product improvement and questions/problems from our customers are analyzed and solved. In the research lab simulations for new production processes and recipes are carried out for scale-up-up to plant-size.
Customer by-product- and waste streams are analyzed for bromine recovery, in order to close the bromine cycle.

Trial runs

ICL-IP Terneuzen is perfectly capable to test and conduct trial-runs of new products.
These take place in the lab and the pilot plant. The products can be produced on a scale of 1,10 and 25 litres. Complete process simulations are carried out to enable the scale-up to plant size. ICL-IP Terneuzen BV can, after having carried out the necessary tests, guarantee production on a larger scale with the desired quality. Trial runs or tests are carried after deliberation and cooperation with the customer, or our own central R&D in Israel.


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